11 February 2013

Jar full of cookies

Few posts back I've been giving tips about how to organize web fuzzing - you remember that part, color highlights, marking stuff for later. But one person (I think that was my only semi-active reader) asked me: "But those request are gonna expire, session will die". That is true - very often you no longer can reuse that request, unless of course you are planning to copy and paste all the cookies from more recent one. There, however is a faster method.

Set things up

Burp Suite has this nifty feature called Jar Cookie - basically Burp has ability to parse every Set-Cookie header and store cookies in a database. Good thing is that other tools are able to use the same jar. While issuing a request Burp will replace every matching cookie header with the most recent value obtained from the jar.
In the Options/Sessions tab you have the ability to set which tool traffic should be monitored to update a jar. To configure what tool should use the cookie Jar you have to edit default session handling rule - take a look at scope tab. Now, before you start fuzzing (or just playing with some stored requests) you only have to login to application through proxy and newest cookies will be placed in a jar.

How about magic trick

This is just the beginning - cookie jar/session management options are even richer. In Options/Sessions tab you can set a lot of possible actions. First - macros. You can set up automatic sequences of request, retrieve some parameters like anti-CSRF token or simply log you automatically to the application. In session handling rules you can configure some behaviours making use of previously set up macros (but not only). For example in Intruder before every request you may want to issue different request to obtain a valid anti-CSRF token and then use it while issuing one with tampered parameters. Of course details will differ between applications you are testing, but I encourage you to try it yourself. Remember - what sometimes seems to be overly complicated can in fact save you a lot of manual and mindless cop-and-paste job.

As always some additional information can be find at BurpSuite Blog.

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