14 August 2013


Recently I had very little time to write anything meaningful. New post are coming, slowly but steady. In the meantime I've stumbled upon short code at Gynvael page. It reminded me of a project I wrote some years ago for one assessment.
When I finally found it the code wasn't in state where I'd like to show it to anyone. Past few days I've spent cleaning and expanding it a bit. Today I've pushed code into GitHub. Here, take a look.

So, what MutProxy does? (Yep, I know that name is not very original nor brilliant, but come on, I'm not a Junior Creative Director in D'Arcy, I'm just a plain pentester.) It's just a simple proxy/tunnel with ability to attach functions to alter or log traffic in different ways. ReadMe does not exists at the moment, so you will have to read the code to determine functionality. There is some documentation in code comments :).

A lot of work still to be done - mutators are very basic and act more as an example then real deal, logger is very plain and documentation does not exist. Waiting for more free time. I was also planning to write more how to force applications to go through your proxy.